dress rehearsal

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dress rehearsal

A full, uninterrupted rehearsal of a play with costumes and stage props.
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dress rehearsal

1. (Theatre) the last complete rehearsal of a play or other work, using costumes, scenery, lighting, etc, as for the first night
2. any full-scale practice
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dress′ rehears′al

a rehearsal of a play, etc., using costumes, scenery, properties, and lights as for a performance.
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Noun1.dress rehearsal - a full uninterrupted rehearsal in costumes shortly before the first performance
dry run, rehearsal - a practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert); "he missed too many rehearsals"; "a rehearsal will be held the day before the wedding"
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تَدْريب نهائي مع الألْبِسَه
generální zkouška
jelmezes fõpróba
generálna skúška
giysili provakostümlü prova

dress rehearsal

nprova generale
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(dres) verb
1. to put clothes or a covering on. We dressed in a hurry and my wife dressed the children.
2. to prepare (food etc) to be eaten. She dressed a salad.
3. to treat and bandage (wounds). He was sent home from hospital after his burns had been dressed.
1. what one is wearing or dressed in. He has strange tastes in dress.
2. a piece of women's clothing with a top and skirt in one piece. Shall I wear a dress or a blouse and skirt?
dressed adjective
wearing (clothes). Don't come in – I'm not dressed!; She was dressed in black; Get dressed immediately; a well-dressed man.
ˈdresser noun
1. a kitchen sideboard for holding dishes.
2. (American) a chest of drawers for holding clothes sometimes with a mirror.
ˈdressing noun
1. something put on as a covering. We gave the rose-bed a dressing of manure.
2. a sauce added especially to salads. oil and vinegar dressing.
3. a bandage etc used to dress a wound. He changed the patient's dressing.
ˈdressing-gown noun
a loose garment worn over pyjamas etc.
ˈdressing-room noun
a room (in a theatre etc) for actors etc to change in.
ˈdressing-table noun
a table in a bedroom with a mirror and drawers.
ˈdressmaker noun
a person who makes clothes for women.
dress rehearsal
a full rehearsal of a play etc with costumes etc.
dress up
to put on special clothes, eg fancy dress. He dressed up as a clown for the party.


(rəˈhəːs) verb
to practise (a play, piece of music etc) before performing it in front of an audience. You must rehearse the scene again.
reˈhearsal noun
1. the act of rehearsing.
2. a performance done for practice. I want the whole cast at tonight's rehearsal.
dress rehearsal
a final rehearsal (of a play, opera etc) in which the actors or singers wear their costumes etc.
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MEET THE CAST Blown Away dress rehersal at the Theatre Royal, from left Danielle Painton, the Wren, Paul James Richardson who plays Bill, an Air Raid Warden and Stephen Heanan, who plays Jack, the RAF Pilot
Wrexham manager Dean Saunders sent out a virtual reserve team to secure a 1-1 draw in a play-off dress rehersal at Kenilworth Road on Saturday and his first-choice 11 could go one better at the Racecourse Ground.
The West Bengal by-elections are being viewed as a dress rehersal for the 2010 Assembly polls in the state.