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p. p.1.of Dress.
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Rustily drest, with his spectacles in his hand, and their very case worn threadbare.
He transformed his "sweet phrases" and "lovely metaphors" washing them with his tears, and taking them to church "well drest and clad.
So holy in my head, Perfect and light in my deare breast, My doctrine tun'd by Christ, (who is not dead, But lives in me while I do rest) Come people; Aaron's drest.
Expression is the Dress of Thought, and still Appears more decent, as more suitable; A vile Conceit in pompous Words exprest, Is like a Clown in regal Purple drest.
In galling bands my infant days are past, With num'rous brethren, but get free at last; Forsake my bondage vile, ascend on high, And fix my residence 'tween earth and sky: In splendid robes I'm drest in nicest care, To shield my body from the inclement air; In red, or blue, or in a coat of white, I'm wrapt so close, I seldom see the light.
Ballard wrote, for example, "I went to mr Savages, Drest her infant, find them Cleverly" (69); and, "I was Calld to Shuball Hinklys wife in travil at ye 12th hour.
All earth is drest In quietness as in a garb of grey.
Never was woe drest out in gayer colours, and when I was led to the altar, I wished from my soul I had been led, as Iphegenia was, to be sacrificed.
And all he saies, a Lover drest / In his own Blood does relish best" (55-56).
I am sure I saw you in every part you acted the first and second year, and remember Dollabella--and old Sparks, who with an odd manner was by no means without merit, saying 'Dollabella's Cleopatra every man's Cleopatra'--I recollected an extraordinary Play call'd Philoclea in which Barry and you two Princes in the disguise of Arcadian Shepherds were prettily drest, & look'd remarkably well.
RADIATION DOSES: A COMPARISON Typical Equivalent effective period Number of Radiation source dose (in of background drest X-rays millisieverts) radiation (PA & lateral Background radiation 3 mSv 1 year 30 Chest X-ray 0.
The actions of "the subtil Chymick," finally, consummate the forms of sexual violation implicit in the invasive work of astronomer and diver; the "chymick" can devest And strip the creature naked, till he finde The callow principles within their nest: There he imparts to them his minde, Admitted to their bed-chamber, before They appeare trim and drest To ordinarie suitours at the doore.