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Matmos' Drew Daniel acquired a pair of metal shackles from a BDSM store on eBay to recreate a sound heard by one of the people who participated in a telepathy experiment to help drive the concept record.
not enough' Celtic supporter Drew Daniel emailed: "It was with incredulity and annoyance but little surprise that I read the preaching of the saviour of Scottish football in today's Record.
In his recent and provocative article "Queer Sound," Drew Daniel of Matmos confronts this issue, starting from a fairly different context, that is, the scenario of walking into a gay bar, hearing "French Kiss" by Lil' Louis, and recognizing the particular place this song once had in the late eighties and early nineties.
Ring bearers were Christian Cecil Taylor and Drew Daniel Taylor.
The hotel is focused on providing a level of comfort for business travelers --especially those in the Wal-Mart vendor community--that goes a step beyond what is offered by the competition, said Simmons team member Drew Daniel.
It's the latest release from Matmos--a pair of San Francisco-based "sound artists," Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt.