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Estes resultados concordam com outros estudos que relatam que a atividade da Rubisco responde a varios fatores ambientais, tais como irradiancia (PONS; WELSCHEN, 2003) e a temperatura (WARREN; DREYE, 2006; WARREN, 2008; LLOYD; FARQUHAR, 2008).
en de Plantagien seyn, dreye zu Delaware one, van Providence erwahlen, Maryland six, ee'n, Connecticut Massachusetts achte, Virginia ten, North vyf, Nieuw-York ses, Rhode Eyland und Carolina five, Nieuw-Jersy vier.
*** Ordet (12A) Digital reissue of the 50s Danish classic by Carl Theoder Dreye, centred round a rural Danish family and themes of faith, prayer and miracles.
Es war eilf Minuten auf dreye: dachten Sie da an mich, mein lieber Freund, so war es gewif3 Ihr Geist, der mich kusste.
The people weep and "hire folwe" while Grisilde "fro wepyng kepte hire eyen dreye" (897-99; my emphasis), and the reversal of gazing roles continues as the poem uses "Ne shewed she" to define (negatively, through a process of elimination) her steadfastness (922).(30) Grisilde's passivity seems to emit from her like a halo, so that her father cannot even put her old coat on her (915-17), while the lookers are reduced to passivity and to the futile emotions of childishness.
Facebook user Aickz DReyes DRosa said that she was inspired by the video.
HR-Youkilis (14), off DReyes; Cash (2), off Bass; Kubel (13), off Beckett; Morneau (13), off Beckett.
Dreyes, Being-in-the-world 7-8 (1991); indeed, it would seem that Dreyfus's splendid clarity on the same themes undercuts his defense of Heidegger's often absurd prose style.