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 (drī′fəs, drā-), Alfred 1859-1935.
French army officer of Jewish descent who was convicted of treason (1894), sentenced to life imprisonment, and ultimately acquitted when the evidence against him was shown to have been forged by anti-Semites.
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(ˈdreɪfəs; French drɛfys)
(Biography) Alfred (alfrɛd). 1859–1935, French army officer, a Jew whose false imprisonment for treason (1894) raised issues of anti-semitism and militarism that dominated French politics until his release (1906)
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(ˈdreɪ fəs, ˈdraɪ-)

Alfred, 1859–1935, French army officer of Jewish descent: wrongfully convicted of treason; acquitted 1906.
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Noun1.Dreyfus - French army officer of Jewish descent whose false imprisonment for treason in 1894 raised issues of anti-Semitism that dominated French politics until his release in 1906 (1859-1935)Dreyfus - French army officer of Jewish descent whose false imprisonment for treason in 1894 raised issues of anti-Semitism that dominated French politics until his release in 1906 (1859-1935)
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