Driftless Area

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Drift·less Area

An eroded, unglaciated region of the northern Midwest including most of western Wisconsin and parts of Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.
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SHAME, screening before the Opening Night filmThe Driftless Area.
Although the glacial outwash drainage system in the driftless area cut deeply into the Ordovician and Cambrian beds of western Wisconsin and extreme eastern Minnesota, removing major thicknesses of overburden from most of the frac sand mining area, relict glacial outwash deposits obscure portions of the river valleys (Runkel and Steenberg, 2012).
In the southwestern corner of the state, the Driftless Area is also an upland area but demonstrates more rugged, unforgiving terrain.
In Illinois, the species is considered rare (Smith, 1979) and has been found only in a few of the streams of the Wisconsin Driftless Area (e.
Thursday: Trout Unlimited meeting: The Driftless Area with Larry Bush, 6 p.
Wildlife in the Driftless Area is subject to habitat damage from soil erosion, sedimentation, filling of sinkholes, and degradation of water quality.
The Driftless Area probably had forest patches where the chipmunks could survive until the glaciers receded (melted back)," says Hooyer.
Late Pleistocene (Woodfordian) vertebrates from the Driftless area of Southwestern Wisconsin, the Moscow Fissure local fauna.
In Wisconsin, positive high-density sites were found in the southwestern driftless area and in the central sandy uplands, as well as in the well-recognized northwest part of the state (and across the state line into Minnesota).
A literature review suggests that about 80% of all bear effigies are found in the Driftless Area and within Glacial Lake Wisconsin's shorelines.
Built for Tim and Karen Wright, the first Balance model stands in Wisconsin in the celebrated Driftless area.
Wisconsin's Driftless Area, where Buffalo County lies, wasn't affected by glaciers, meaning erosion didn't move the nutrients out of the soil like in glaciated areas.