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n., v. bit•ted, bit•ting. n.
1. the mouthpiece of a bridle, having fittings at each end to which the reins are fastened.
2. anything that curbs or restrains.
3. a removable drilling or boring tool for use in a brace, drill press, or the like.
4. the cutting part of an ax or hatchet.
5. the wide portion at the end of an ordinary key that moves the bolt.
6. to put a bit in the mouth of (a horse).
7. to curb with or as if with a bit.
8. to grind a bit on (a key).
1. chafe or champ at the bit, to become impatient and restless because of delay.
2. take the bit in or between one's teeth, to reject control; go one's own way.
[before 900; Middle English bite, Old English: action of biting; c. Old High German biz. See bite]



1. a small piece or quantity of something.
2. a short time: Wait a bit.
3. a stereotypic set of behaviors, attitudes, or actions associated with a particular role, situation, etc.: the whole Wall Street bit.
4. Also called bit part. a very small role containing few or no lines. Compare walk-on (def. 1).
5. Informal. an amount equivalent to 12½ cents (used only in even multiples): two bits.
1. a bit, somewhat; a little: a bit sleepy.
2. a bit much, somewhat overdone or beyond tolerability.
3. bit by bit, by degrees; gradually.
4. do one's bit, to contribute one's share to an effort.
5. every bit, quite; just: every bit as good.
6. quite a bit, a fairly large amount.
[before 1000; Middle English bite, Old English bita bit, morsel; c. Old High German bizzo, Old Norse biti. See bite]



a single, basic unit of computer information, valued at either 0 or 1 to signal binary alternatives.
[1945–50; bi (nary) + (digi) t]



pt. and a pp. of bite.
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Noun1.drill bit - a bit used in drilling for oildrill bit - a bit used in drilling for oil  
bit - the cutting part of a drill; usually pointed and threaded and is replaceable in a brace or bitstock or drill press; "he looked around for the right size bit"
core bit - a hollow drilling bit that is the cutting part of a core drill; allows core samples to be taken
blade bit, fishtail bit - a drilling bit with cutting edges usually hardened against wear
rock bit, roller bit - a drill bit that has hardened rotating rollers
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IT took me three days, help from a friend, two trips to DIY stores, the wrong drillbit, a tin of WD40, several sets of pliers and, eventually, a hacksaw to remove a toilet seat last week.
Progress picked up production of 7,300 barrels of oil equivalent per day in the Suncor purchase but managed to boost output through the drillbit as well, growing to an average of 43,520 boe/d from 35,070 boe/d in the first quarter.
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