Drink offering

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(Script.) an offering of wine, etc., in the Jewish religious service.

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Then they made all fast throughout the ship, filled the mixing bowls to the brim, and made drink offerings to the immortal gods that are from everlasting, but more particularly to the grey-eyed daughter of Jove.
IF you haven't yet had the time to try the current Edinburgh street food and drink offering, you're really missing something.
He said: "The food and drink offering in the new tent brought in a different audience.
It plans to do the same for the rest of its US food and drink offering by the end of the year.
It involves a partnership with Time Out in London reaching the magazines 1.1 million readers with a great article on Belfast and its superb food and drink offering. The promotion also includes digital activity, which will target a further 550,000 people through a special Belfast section on Time Out online, blog posts and email marketing.
Aftab Gaffar, Rugby First managing director, said: "Last year's festival was extremely successful and really helped raise awareness of the town's food and drink offering."
ICE cream company Yummy Yorkshire is celebrating after scooping another national award win - this time for its newly expanded food and drink offering.