a.1.Destitute of drink.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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After ordering a round, the bartender discovered none of us were members of the club, and we all had to shuffle out drinkless.
As the assorted weirdos and wannabes stood drinkless in that grim, empty house surrounded by sinister giant insect wallpaper, it bordered on depressing.
Today's all-volunteer Army, which endures drinkless, sexless, funless tours in the featureless landscapes and remarkably ugly towns of Iraq, has by contrast behaved with saintly restraint and shown a grim devotion to duty.
Once there, according to an Angel Eyes spy, Kenzie stood, drinkless, outside the girls' toilets looking mean and moody and utterly desperate to be noticed.
No matter your beverage appetite, it's a safe bet that few go drinkless in Seattle.
I gave that little fat redser, who had left me stranded beside myself drinkless for 15 minutes for my last round of drinks, a massive grin.
Travellers with tears in their eyes recalled fondly the days of GNER and even British Rail, and were only too happy to reach Berwick and freedom from the seatless, drinkless cattle trucks until they realised that 20 minutes late running had conspired to cost everyone their bus connections.
So I ask how things stand for those of us without voting rights and Greg is sympathetic but says that they stand just the same, drinkless. Until six.