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Noun1.disk cache - a cache that stores copies of frequently used disk sectors in random access memory (RAM) so they can be read without accessing the slower disk
memory cache, cache - (computer science) RAM memory that is set aside as a specialized buffer storage that is continually updated; used to optimize data transfers between system elements with different characteristics
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A steering group represented by the membership will drive CACHE Pet service developments forward based on member needs.
2kg, the U510 combines high-performance technologies for ultra-responsive computing and instant-on system resume in just over a second, including up to a third generation Intel Core i7 processor, and as much as 1TB of HDD storage with an optional 32GB solid state drive cache, and a battery life of up to six hours.
11n WiFi for small branches MX80, MX90: 1U appliances for mid-sized branches MX400, MX600: Campus and datacenter-class appliances scaling to over ten thousands users, with 10 GbE connectivity and high availability features WAN Optimization Added to MX Family: Applies deduplication, compression, caching and protocol optimization 1 TB hard drive cache with RAID available Optimizes Windows File Sharing, FTP, HTTP, and generic TCP traffic 3rd party benchmarks demonstrate up to 197x reduction in file transfer times
The 5,400-RPM drive will use two 500-gigabyte platters to reach its full terabyte capacity, feature eight megabytes of drive cache, and should use a standard SATA 3.