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Noun1.disk controller - (computer science) a circuit or chip that translates commands into a form that can control a hard disk drive
controller, control - a mechanism that controls the operation of a machine; "the speed controller on his turntable was not working properly"; "I turned the controls over to her"
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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Handling up to 2,200-pound loads and powered by a 24-volt battery, the OP Series of orderpickers have an electrical system that incorporates a transistor drive controller, eliminating forward and reverse contactors, and providing electronic travel speed control for precise, infinitely variable forward/reverse travel.
Hard Drive Controller SATA Controller (preferably Integrated Intel SATA controller)
The drive controller is the power electronics system that integrates the EV battery powering the THINK City and the motor that drives it.
INGERIA-CAT's (Spain) Round Mercury is a closed-loop digital servo drive controller for DC brushed and brushless motors, capable of driving motors up to 200 W RMS.
The Round Mercury closed-loop digital servo drive controller from Ingenia-Cat is capable of driving motors up to 200 W rms.
In addition, the instrument can measure power, harmonics, motor winding resistance, and motor effective voltage from a variable frequency drive controller, thus eliminating the need for expensive, more specialized test equipment, according to the company.
Thanks to the use of BMW's innovative i Drive controller and display screen, a driver can access a menu that will display live pictures of their house, courtesy of internet-based webcams.
A custom motor and arable speed vector drive controller for roll speed help achieve maximum production rates.
Typical standard machine options, such as digital drive controller and maintenance-free batteries are all standard on the S-class.
introduced its new "Hi-Line" series of linear vibration welders, which feature electromechanical vibration drive and a new digital drive controller for enhanced accuracy of the bonding process.
The trucks includes a battery discharge indicator, 24-volt electrical system with transistor drive controller and regenerative braking.