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He underwent a breathalyser test which proved negative while the results of the buggy driver's test are being examined.
According to the Mirror, McEachran treated himself to a 60,000-pound Range Rover even though he hasn't passed his driver's test yet.
Thirty people were held hostage for an hour by a man who failed his driver's test in the Macedonian capital Skopje, media reported Saturday, according to dpa.
Also, family members, police officers or doctors concerned about a person's ability to drive can fill out a form at their local DMV office requesting that a driver of any age be given a new driver's test.
The project has five components, one of which is a "VDT Driver's Test," which resembles a real driver's test in format, but the questions relate to safe VDT work practices.
There was a certain cachet that accompanied playing Babe Ruth League baseball or playing high-school basketball, an acknowledgment of masculinity that was denied the president of the student council, the kid who just passed his driver's test, or the guy who helped support his family with a part-time job.
ROSAMOND - Ah, the invincibility that cloaks teens once they pass their driver's test and find themselves behind the wheel, often accompanied by a ringing cell phone and a boisterous crowd of friends in the back seat.
Before you take the driver's test you must take the safety practice test, another computerized exam that covers safety topics in the manual as well as the skills you've gained while driving with the permit.
I have just finished taking another DMV written driver's test.
Minutes after passing his driver's test Friday, teen heartthrob and actor David Gallagher eased into the seat of his dream car, a yellow Plymouth Prowler, the flashy sports car the blond actor has playfully christened his ``chick magnet.
Drivers older than 70 can no longer renew their driver's licenses through the mail, but must appear at the DMV to take written and eye tests; if their mental or physical condition appears suspect, they also can be required to take a driver's test, the DMV's Evan Nosoff said.