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or drive-thru (drīv′thro͞o′)
1. Relating to or conducting exchanges with clients who drive up to a window and remain in their vehicles: drive-thru banking.
2. drive-through Performed or provided quickly and routinely: a drive-through delivery in a hospital.
1. A drive-through establishment, especially a restaurant.
2. A window at such an establishment, from which business is conducted.
3. The lane by which drivers approach such a window and drive away after being served: decided to go through the drive-through rather than eating inside.




1. a takeaway restaurant, shop, etc designed so that customers can use it without leaving their cars
2. (Other Non-sporting Hobbies) a takeaway restaurant, shop, etc designed so that customers can use it without leaving their cars
3. (Automotive Engineering) a takeaway restaurant, shop, etc designed so that customers can use it without leaving their cars
4. of or relating to a drive-through establishment: a drive-through burger bar.
5. (Automotive Engineering) of or relating to a drive-through establishment: a drive-through burger bar.


or drive′-thru`,

1. a window, as at a restaurant or bank, to which customers drive up to be served.
2. an establishment having such a window.
3. of or being a drive-through.


(draiv) past tense drove (drouv) : past participle driven (ˈdrivn) verb
1. to control or guide (a car etc). Do you want to drive (the car), or shall I?
2. to take, bring etc in a car. My mother is driving me to the airport.
3. to force or urge along. Two men and a dog were driving a herd of cattle across the road.
4. to hit hard. He drove a nail into the door; He drove a golf-ball from the tee.
5. to cause to work by providing the necessary power. This mill is driven by water.
1. a journey in a car, especially for pleasure. We decided to go for a drive.
2. a private road leading from a gate to a house etc. The drive is lined with trees.
3. energy and enthusiasm. I think he has the drive needed for this job.
4. a special effort. We're having a drive to save electricity.
5. in sport, a hard stroke (with a golf-club, a cricket bat etc).
6. (computers) a disk drive.
ˈdriver noun
a person who drives a car etc. a bus-driver.
ˈdriver's license noun
(American) a driving licence.
ˈdrive-in adjective
(of a cinema, café etc, especially in North America) catering for people who remain in their cars while watching a film, eating etc. a drive-in movie.
ˈdrive-through adjective
that one may drive through (and do something without getting out of the car). a drivethrough bank/restaurant/zoo.
ˈdriving licence noun
a licence for driving a road vehicle.
be driving at
to be trying to say or suggest. I don't know what you're driving at.
drive off
1. to leave or go away in a car etc. He got into a van and drove off.
2. to keep away. to drive off flies.
3. in golf, to make the first stroke from the tee.
drive on
1. to carry on driving a car etc. Drive on – we haven't time to stop!
2. to urge strongly forward. It was ambition that drove him on.
References in periodicals archive ?
FAST food giant McDonald's has unveiled plans to build a new drivethru and restaurant in Stanley.
The site represents an appropriate location for a drivethru restaurant which will be well placed to offer refreshments to passing customers and those in the surrounding area.
The wishlist for the capital includes: an express/takeaway in Cardiff city centre; a drivethru on a main road close to retail in Cardiff Bay; a drive-thru on a main road close to retail at Culverhouse Cross; and a drivethru in a main road location in Cardiff northwest/Llanishen.
A report to council planners proposes only a few amendments to the original plan for the drivethru, which will be built fronting Leeds Road on a site previously occupied by five terraced houses which were demolished in 2010.
The revised application on behalf of Burger King franchisee Karali Ltd seeks to change the layout to meet concerns about traffic queueing for the drivethru tailing back onto Leeds Road.
It's long been linked with fast food names such as McDonald's and Burger King but major movers and milk shakers in the world of coffee are now keen to get in on the drivethru market.
So far we've introduced 38 drivethru Starbucks across the UK, all of which have been welcomed and continue to be enjoyed by the local communities.
Vehicles using the drivethru at the Caernarfon outlet were being dazzled by the glare of the headlights of other cars.
DriveThru Service - Modern Showroom with Large Storage Work & Repair area-Premium location Treasure Coast Over an Acre available and 5000 sq ft bldg between US1 and the Intracoastal Prime City of Stuart CRA ask $650,000 RMLS#R3178141 RMLS #3180348
A message was posted on the Facebook 'Spotted Cardiff' page yesterday afternoon alleging that a member of staff at the chain's Gabalfa drivethru had placed pubic hair on a customer's food order as part of an apparent revenge attack for rudeness.
A spokeswoman for KFC said: "We have investigated this incident and although there was an altercation in the drivethru between the customers and a member of our team, we do not believe the food was contaminated in any way.
The "burger bandit" had jumped through a drivethru window waving a pistol at staff in North Miami Beach, Florida.