Driving spring

a spring fixed upon the box of the driving axle of a locomotive engine to support the weight and deaden shocks.

See also: Driving

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The bolt smacks the buffer stack in the back plate, stopping its rearward movement, and the driving spring returns it forward.
The slotted head of the driving spring rod will be sticking out a hole to the right of the pistol grip.
Make sure the cocking lever is forward and start the bolt into the casing with the front end slightly upward, and DO NOT GET BEHIND THE DRIVING SPRING. The forward end of the bolt will engage the guide rails on the barrel extension, and you can push it forward until the cocking handle hole in the right side lines up with the enlarged hole in the casing.
If the bolt is released, its driving spring will throw the bolt forward, carrying a cartridge into the chamber.
Screw the barrel into the barrel extension with the nose of a cartridge or the combination wrench in the barrel notches, until the recoiling components will not go fully forward by means of the driving spring when the bolt is released from its 3/4" position.
It had a heavier barrel, carrying handle, double driving springs, semiautomatic trigger and the other components lightened to meet the overall weight specifications.
When the temperature gets higher, the SMA driving spring will pushes the MR fluid filling into the working gap between the driving-cylinder and shell through pipe rapidly.
You didn't mention the age of the pistol but if it is quite old the problem may be a weak driving spring. There is also the possibility of a fouled chamber slowing down the bolt, Check it out.
The striker is a long, hollow rod housing a coiled driving spring attached to the rear receiver cover.
Yet, the 69-year-old retired Detroit judge, state legislator and entrepreneur was the driving spring behind one of the biggest protest marches of the '60s, the Dr.
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