Dropping fire

a continued irregular discharge of firearms.

See also: Dropping

References in classic literature ?
The first is to burn soldiers in their camp; the second is to burn stores; the third is to burn baggage trains; the fourth is to burn arsenals and magazines; the fifth is to hurl dropping fire amongst the enemy.
When the sun came up, air tankers and helicopters started dropping fire retardant and water.
Ken Codeglia, a retired Pine Mountain Lake resident, said: "It feels a little bit like a warzone with helicopters flying overhead, bombers dropping fire retardant and 10 engine companies stationed on our street.
Towering plumes of black, gray and white smoke billowed above a fire line that stretched for miles as air tankers and helicopters made repeated passes over the blaze, dropping fire retardant and water.
Instead of shutting libraries, dropping fire companies, closing swimming pools and losing other needed benefits, let's convert an unneeded drain on our resources into a solution for our money woes.
Northern Command said the C-130 crashed Sunday while it was dropping fire retardant on the blaze.
Air tankers have been dropping fire retardant on what is being called the Wallow fire in Arizona and firefighting crews have been mobilized from across the West, but the fire remained "zero contained" for most of one week and only 18% so early in the next week, too big to touch with mere human tools like hoses, shovels, saws, and bulldozers.
A month later, another type of air tanker - a PB4Y that was dropping fire retardant on flames - went down, killing the two crew members.
America is dropping fire everywhere and anywhere they like, under the guise of Nato or the UN.
An air tanker was dropping fire retardant on that blaze, McHugh said.
Besides staying clear of other planes dropping fire retardant, they must watch for water-dropping helicopters, news helicopters and other aircraft.