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n.1.One who, or that which, drowns.
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drowner", which Americans might use to describe a torrential downpour
is so thoroughly imbued with such crises that its worldview verges on the polytheistic, with love the highest of its gods: in "O Love the interest itself in thoughtless heaven" love is a boundless source of inspiration, called upon to "Make simpler daily the beating of man's heart" (English 118); in "May with its light behaving," love is a mover both emotional and physical, that which "makes impatient / The tortoise and the roe, and lays / The blonde beside the dark" (152); in "Love held him fast, but though he fought for breath" love is a killer, drowner of his victim.
On the other hand, one good toad strangler, gully washer or duck drowner will fill the ponds.
In a standout performance two of his competitors, Ibrahim Al Dawalibi and Qusai Hatem, battled it out on stage with a duet of popular song 'Al Ghargan' (The Drowner).
Extra spice was added by the fact the visitors were being managed by David Hughes, a local lad and my fellow drowner of sorrows after Wales' defeat to Russia.
The distancing effect of an image allows for the easy construction of monsters--the child drowner, the nightclub bomber--but the proximity of human need can draw people back toward the communal ethics of hospitality, reciprocity and care.
Only a quarter of women are willing to describe themselves as "feminists" to pollsters, and you can see why: Pretty much every step the feminist leadership takes these days seems to lead to a pratfall, from odd little blips like Ms.'s hiring of a disgraced journalist like Smith to the huge media circus surrounding NOW's support for convicted child drowner Andrea Yates.
Escaping in her turn from this household from hell, Carolyn marries Richard See "like a drowner grabs a raft." Unfortunately, he turns out to be "a wonderful guy when he was sober, and a monster when he wasn't." She herself is "wired like a string of Chinese firecrackers....
For one knows that, with the help of this "drowner of cares," one can at any time withdraw from the pressure of reality.
A delightful shoe box-sized deli and sandwich shop, it offers the kind of sandwiches that are impossible to eat in a sophisticated manner - but my, oh my, was my Debbie Drowner worth the sticky fingers and face, Cubes of spicy chicken, pink onions and coriander with a bowl of chilli sauce for dunking or pouring.
The Bill applies only to vertebrates in the care of man, he said, adding: "As a keen gardener, I am a regular drowner of slugs in beer."
In the title poem of that volume, for instance, the hawk is depicted - in counterpoint to its slogging, bemired observer - as "The diamond point of will that polestars / The sea drowner's endurance." By the time of "Still Life," "Sugar Loaf," and "Pibroch," however, a new immediacy is evident in representations that appear to partake of the generative (and destructive) flux they embody.