Drug Enforcement Administration

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Noun1.Drug Enforcement Administration - federal agency responsible for enforcing laws and regulations governing narcotics and controlled substancesDrug Enforcement Administration - federal agency responsible for enforcing laws and regulations governing narcotics and controlled substances; goal is to immobilize drug trafficking organizations
Department of Justice, DoJ, Justice Department, Justice - the United States federal department responsible for enforcing federal laws (including the enforcement of all civil rights legislation); created in 1870
law enforcement agency - an agency responsible for insuring obedience to the laws
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M2 PHARMA-June 19, 2019-US Drug Enforcement Administration Places Zulresso Injection into Schedule IV
Drug Enforcement Administration's Take Back program.
The 36th International Drug Enforcement Conference, organized by the Azerbaijani State Commission on Combating Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking together with the Drug Enforcement Administration of the US Department of Justice kicked off in Baku on April 15.
'Even the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) told me that it's a mystery.
Drug Enforcement Administration, "Schedule I drugs, substances or chemicals (https://www.dea.gov/drug-scheduling) are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." Examples are: heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone and peyote.
Muscat: The Drug Enforcement Administration in Musandam region seized more than 6,000 capsules of psychotropic substances and a large quantity of marijuana, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has announced.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 21, 2018-Easterly Government Properties Acquires Drug Enforcement Administration Lab in Maryland, USA
Target: Drug Enforcement Administration Laboratory located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Easterly Government Properties announced that it has agreed to acquire a 50,978-square foot Drug Enforcement Administration laboratory located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
The controlled deliveries, meant to identify those involved in the importation of illegal drugs, were conducted based on information provided by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, Lapena said in a statement.
Drug Enforcement Administration agents have brought the alleged East Coast crime boss of the notorious street gang MS-13 to New York to face charges of murder conspiracy and drug-trafficking in Nassau County and nationally.

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