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Noun1.pharmaceutical company - a company that makes and sells pharmaceuticals
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
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Representatives of drug companies in the Saudi market have resorted to illegal practices such as offering bribes and gifts to market their drugs due to serious competition.
Extending market monopolies for brand name drug companies will not reduce trade barriers; such extensions would actually extend the period during which Canada's generic pharmaceutical industry is prohibited from exporting Canadian-made generic pharmaceutical products, in turn costing Canadian jobs," he said.
When the Obama administration was working on health care reform, the drug companies reached a deal with the White House to fend off legislation granting government the power to negotiate drug prices.
They charged that drug companies, out of greed, were refusing to replace the pseudoephedrine in their cold medicines, a methamphetamine precursor, with the decongestant phenylephrine, which is useless in producing meth.
Drug companies, editorialized the paper, "toss out several unconvincing arguments against allowing Medicare to negotiate with them.
According to Women and Health Protection, a Health Canada--funded working group, the practice of health advocacy groups accepting funding from drug companies often leads to conflicts of interest.
This is the impact of the constantly unfavorable comments that the major drug companies are subject to.
The Medicare drug program was written by drug companies to put corporate greed before seniors' needs.
Hundreds of protestors in the streets of Lima, some dressed as skeletons, demonstrate their disapproval of a potential monopoly by big multinational drug companies in the country.
Behind this dire landscape are drug companies that continue to raise drug prices at twice the rate of inflation, on top of pricing every new drug 20% to 50% higher than existing drugs in the same class.
People also blame drug companies for rising health care costs: Nearly 60% said prescription drugs increased overall medical costs because they were so expensive, compared with the 23% who said drugs lowered medical costs by reducing the need for expensive medical procedures and hospitalizations.
Drug companies have traditionally increased sales by advertising in medical journals and sending sales representatives to visit doctors' offices.