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1. Music The material stretched over one or both ends of a drum.
2. Nautical The circular top part of a capstan, used to hold bars for turning.


1. (Instruments) music the part of a drum that is actually struck with a stick or the hand
2. (Nautical Terms) the head of a capstan, pierced with holes for the capstan bars
3. (Anatomy) another name for eardrum



1. the membrane stretched upon a drum.
2. the top part of a capstan.
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Noun1.drumhead - a membrane that is stretched taut over a drum
drum, membranophone, tympan - a musical percussion instrument; usually consists of a hollow cylinder with a membrane stretched across each end
membrane - a thin pliable sheet of material
Adj.1.drumhead - performed speedily and without formality; "a summary execution"; "summary justice"
unofficial - not having official authority or sanction; "a sort of unofficial mayor"; "an unofficial estimate"; "he participated in an unofficial capacity"


A. Nparche m de tambor
B. CPD drumhead court-martial Nconsejo m de guerra sumarísimo
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It is a cylindrical drum of about twenty inches tall with a drum head of about six inches in diameter, an expansion in the middle section of about eight inches in diameter and an opening of about six inches in diameter at the bottom to let the vibrations out.
Armed Forces Day, Bodelwyddan Castle An opportunity to enjoy military parades, a Drum Head Service, Military bands, fly-pasts and military displays.
Regular soldiers, Reservists and former military men will gather for a drum head service which will also include a rifle volley salute.
30am on Saturday, June 25, through the streets of Caerphilly town centre, before a special Drum Head Service at noon held against the backdrop of Caerphilly Castle.
A new design for the "ball buster" consists of four, single-piece AR steel brackets mounted just aft of the drum head.
As a mark of respect, the banners of 1459 and 2504 were received into the cathedral and were given pride of place on the drum head altar.
Last month, Julien's Auctions sold a drum head from a kit Starr played on U.
The drum head also was used for The Beatles 1964 concerts in Washington D.
David Fines, former president of the Montreal/Ottawa conference of the United Church of Canada; Bishop Dennis Drainville of the Anglican diocese of Quebec; Diane Andicha Picard, Guardian of the Sacred Drum Head for Andicha n'de Wendat; Rev.
5 REMO POWERSTROKE FIBERSKYN SNARE DRUM HEAD My son Robbie is a drummer and bought a snare drum off Gumtree.
He spoke at a special drum head service at Coopers Field in Cardion Saturday following a parade through the city centre.
The event, held in Victoria and Centenary Squares, began with the traditional Drum Head Service, when the Army, Navy and RAF regiments marched alongside the veterans' associations, led by the Life Guards Band.