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Noun1.dried fruit - fruit preserved by dryingdried fruit - fruit preserved by drying    
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
dried apricot - apricots preserved by drying
prune - dried plum
raisin - dried grape
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"Pardon me, your worship," said Sancho, "for, as I cannot read or write, as I said just now, I neither know nor comprehend the rules of the profession of chivalry: henceforward I will stock the alforjas with every kind of dry fruit for your worship, as you are a knight; and for myself, as I am not one, I will furnish them with poultry and other things more substantial."
Local youths were on the view that it was the lonely occasion in a year that we had an opportunity to eat dry fruit, therefore serving dry fruits on the Eid day, a good tradition that should be continued.
Dry fruit made people stronger because they were rich in carbohydrates and they contained monounsaturated fat, that's why medical experts considered them healthy, she added.
ISLAMABAD -- The prices of dry fruit has almost gone out of the reach of a common man with the increasing demand, surge in inflation and decreasing temperature in the federal capital, reveals a survey conducted by reporter.
MULTAN:The demand for the dry fruit is on the rise and so does their price as the winter started luring people to look for weather-specific clothes and food to keep them warm.
Shahi Bazaar dry fruit trader Samad Khan told Dawn that the dried apricot and mulberrywere brought in from GB though both fruits were grown in large quantity in Chitral.
The overall dry fruit import figures in the first four months of this fiscal year rose to 62,735 tonnes ($34 million) in July-October 2014-2015 as compared to 32,967 tonnes ($27 million) in same period last fiscal year.
Mumbai, India, February 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Global Market intelligence firm Netscribes launched a report on the dry fruit market that shows the remarkable growth of the industry owing to the growing gifting culture.
Mohammad Hassan Shamsfard said the value of Iran's dry fruit exports during the first quarter of the current Iranian calendar year (starting March 19) has increased by $57 million to 91,358 metric tons from 70,283 tons which was exported during the same time last year.
"The imported almonds are good in shape but bad in taste and most seem to be old and unsalable in international markets," said Mustafa, the dry fruit vendor in Mazar, adding that the quality of Afghan almonds was very high.
Dry fruit traders in northern Balkh province said on Saturday said Afghan fruit exports to the neighbouring country were resold under different Pakistani brand names.
ISLAMABAD -- As chilly winter season has multiplied the consumption of dry fruit, almonds (Badam) which is often called the 'king' of dry fruits is used for many treatments are the most favorite and demanding nuts during the winter season all across the country including the province of Balochistan.