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 (drī′əd, -ăd′)
n. Greek Mythology
A divinity presiding over forests and trees; a wood nymph.

[Middle English Driad, from Latin Dryas, Dryad-, from Greek Druas, from drūs, tree; see deru- in Indo-European roots.]

dry·ad′ic (-ăd′ĭk) adj.


(ˈdraɪəd; -æd)
n, pl -ads or -ades (-əˌdiːz)
(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a nymph or divinity of the woods
[C14: from Latin Dryas, from Greek Druas, from drus tree]
dryadic adj


(ˈdraɪ əd, -æd)

n., pl. -ads, -a•des (-əˌdiz)
(often cap.)
a nymph of the woods.
[1545–55; < Greek Dryádes, pl. of Dryás, derivative of drŷ(s) tree, oak]
dry•ad′ic, adj.


a wood nymph.
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Noun1.dryad - a deity or nymph of the woods
nymph - (classical mythology) a minor nature goddess usually depicted as a beautiful maiden; "the ancient Greeks believed that nymphs inhabited forests and bodies of water"
hamadryad - the nymph or spirit of a particular tree


nDryade f
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comme des vierges etourdies, tres seduisantes, ayant des pouvoirs magiques et cumulant les attributs des Nymphes, Naiades, Dryades et, en quelque sorte, des Sirenes/.
castalides, hamadryas or moides, oreades, naiades, nymphae and dryades, respectively).
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