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n.1.(Bot.) A genus of shrubs growing in Australia, having beautiful, hard, dry, evergreen leaves.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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--(1999) Vol 17B Proteaceae 3, Hakea to Dryandra. http://www.anbg.gov.au/abrs/online-resources/flora/stddisplay.xsql?pnid = 45895.
For instance, Dryandra is now included in Banksia (Mast & Thiele, 2007), and a new phylogeny for Macadamieae, the most widespread tribe of Proteaceae has been inferred (Mast et al., 2008).
This differed from what we had seen in 1996, as we collected on shrubs such as Dicrastylis, Verticordia, Isopogon and Dryandra. The latter two genera belong to the Proteaceae, a plant family that reaches its zenith in temperate Australia and southern Africa.
One of my favorite aids is the Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Australia's South West (Scott & Negus, 2003), though no guide gives the same experience as seeing plants like Banksia and its close relative, Dryandra, in flower.
Grove Stud consigns Listed Dragonfly Stakes third Dryandra (847), a daughter of Desert Prince in foal to Alfred Nobel, whose damsire is Desert Prince and so whose resultant foal will be bred 3x2 to the triple Group 1-winning miler.
A promising third to Crookhaven on his debut at Roscommon, Tarkani was sent off 1/2 for a Limerick maiden but, having tried to make all, was collared and beaten a head by Dryandra.
Copies are available from the publishers, Crawford House, 14 Dryandra Drive, Belair SA 5052 for $39.95.
This study was carried out in Dryandra Woodland (32[degrees]48' S, 116054' E), 200 km south-east of Perth, Western Australia.
Genetic diversity in Banksia and Dryandra (Proteaceae) with emphasis on Banksia cuneata, a rare and endangered species.
* Western Australia: Captive breeding populations at Peron Peninsula and Kanyana Native Fauna Rehabilitation Centre will be maintained, along with a new population soon to be released into a 20-hectare, fox-proof enclosure at Dryandra Woodland, 200 kilometres east of Perth.