Dryas octopetala

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Noun1.Dryas octopetala - creeping evergreen shrub with large white flowersDryas octopetala - creeping evergreen shrub with large white flowers; widely distributed in northern portions of Eurasia and North America
Dryas, genus Dryas - mountain avens
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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Elkington (1971) showed freshly collected seeds of Dryas octopetala germinated to 48 % when sown at 25[degrees]C under controlled germination conditions, but field sown seeds in autumn germinated only in the following spring, suggesting the temperature required for germination was not met.
The most frequently occurring were Juncus trifidus, Poa alpina, Dryas octopetala, Bistorta vivipara, Antennaria dioica and Omalotheca supina (Figure 4).
Site S2 was at a higher altitude (60 m) and had a diverse plant population dominated by Sanionia uncinata (moss) and flowering plants such as Deschampsia alpina and Dryas octopetala.
Typical arctic flora elements, such as Hippophaj rhamnoides and Dryas octopetala, have been identified (Kessel & Punning 1969b).
1993) found a striking effect of temperature warming on phenology and seed-setting in Dryas octopetala ssp.
Dwarf scrub communities of mountain-avens (herbs in the rose family), such as Dryas octopetala, D.
In the late winter months of March and April, Salix polaris makes up approximately 50% of the crop content, and Dryas octopetala, Saxifraga oppositifolia, and Polygonum viviparum are also important food resources (Unander et al.
Cover type Percentage cover Vascular plants Dryas octopetala L.
Arctic species such as Dryas octopetala and Betula nana almost disappear above this level and the macrofossil assemblage is dominated by aquatic and telmatic plant remains (Potamogetonaceae, Ranunculus sect.