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1. A technique of intaglio engraving in which a hard steel needle is used to incise lines in a metal, usually copper plate, with the rough burr at the sides of the incised lines often retained to produce a velvety black tone in the print.
2. An engraving or print made using this technique.


1. (Metallurgy) a technique of intaglio engraving with a hard steel needle, without acid, on a copper plate
2. (Metallurgy) the sharp steel needle used in this process
3. (Art Terms) an engraving or print produced by this method



1. a technique of engraving, esp. on copper, in which a sharp-pointed needle is used to scratch through a thin etching ground.
2. a print made by this technique.


An engraving technique dating from the fifteenth century. The design is scratched directly onto a copper plate with a sharp tool held like a pen, often producing a “burred” edge, giving a soft, rich texture, but this only survives for small editions.
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Largely autobiographical, the series of figurative, abstract landscapes are in hand print techniques of drypoint, rubber-cut and oil on board, to illustrate the trichotomy of the artist's family's nomadic life.
In "On the Art Career Track: Dynamic Drypoint" (page 23) Irv Osterer shares how his high-school students simulated traditional drypoint by substituting expensive copper with clear acrylic plates on which to etch their designs.
Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight Village, Wirral, 0151 478 4136 - Wed, 13 Sep Etching Workshop The workshop will involve experimenting with drypoint techniques and materials to create a bold image.
In these works, one can see her superb mastery of techniques as a graphic artist, her drypoint and etching sheets charming with picturesque alteration of tones.
Remarkably, these were fashioned from only fifty-four plates and are a combination of etching, engraving, watercolor, and drypoint.
The erotically-driven destructive force between the Conquistador and his interpreter-advisor is illustrated in Esmeralda Reynoso's drypoint print (2013) in Figure 19.
In addition, a show of 30 of his smaller, black-and-white drypoint etchings and several large color monoprints is on display at the Schrager & Clarke Gallery, a block away from the Hult at 760 Willamette St.
Kerstin Franke-Gneuss's etching and drypoint works are delicate and look like fronds of plants.
Cracker and Micky, sporting artist Cecil Aldin's favourite dogs, a limited edition, signed and dated drypoint etching, titled A Temporary Partnership, sold for PS1,400.