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A garment made of impermeable material, usually rubber, and sealed against leakage to keep the body warm and dry in cold water, used especially in scuba diving and watersports.


(ˈdraɪsuːt) or


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a suit worn by divers to keep them warm and dry


dry-suit [ˈdraɪsuːt] ncombinaison f de plongée
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We are currently saving to buy a new drysuit and thermal undersuit for new divers to try before buying at a cost of approximately PS400, so we will put any Wish money received towards this.
The stolen items include a red and blue Hollis membrane diving drysuit with size 10 boots attached, two Buddy buoyancy jackets and a 12-litre steel diving cylinder.
I struggled to keep myself upright and the lifejacket and air in my drysuit caused me to float on my back and look like a yellow marshmallow man.
In a drysuit to protect himself from the freezing waters of the Arctic and using only his bare hands and a small net, Roderick Sloan is not your typical fisherman.
Jeffrey Jay, who had been out kayaking with Mr Husband for more than 20 years, said his friend was an experienced kayaker but hadn't been wearing wetsuit or a drysuit on the day hey set out from Porthdafarch on Holy Island.
This included: a grey Safequip storage bag containing a large drysuit, helmet, red buoyancy aid, yellow and black boots and a thermal suit; a grey storage bag containing a dry suit, helmet, red buoyancy aid and a black Nintendo DSI.
Prizes include a complete scuba package, valued at $2,105, for whoever raises the most money for the event; a free spot on the diver supply store's "Channel Island Truth Aquatics trip" in 2009 or an $1,850 drysuit.
As if skimming along the water within splashing range of these magnificent creatures is not thrill enough, the bravest can get even closer, by donning an all-enveloping drysuit and snorkelling with them.
Perhaps hauling around one-tenth of a ton of drysuit that took nearly an hour to get into, and another one to get out of, each day.
7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today at the 2014 International CES, renowned accessories company MarBlue introduced the world's most versatile waterproof case for the iPhone 5/5s, the DrySuit Convertible.
It costs pounds 319 to replace a drysuit, pounds 166 for a safety helmet and pounds 222 for an inshore lifeboat lifejacket.