du Maurier

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du Mau·ri·er

 (do͞o môr′ē-ā′, dyo͞o, dü mô-ryā′), Dame Daphne 1907-1989.
British writer noted for her melodramatic novels, including Rebecca (1938).

du Maurier

, George Louis Palmella Busson 1834-1896.
French-born British illustrator and writer known for his caricatures in Punch, his illustrations of works by William Makepeace Thackeray and others, and his novels, such as Trilby (1894).

Du Maurier

(djuː ˈmɒrɪˌeɪ)
1. (Biography) Dame Daphne. 1907–89, English novelist; author of Rebecca (1938) and My Cousin Rachel (1951)
2. (Biography) her grandfather, George Louis Palmella Busson (ˈpæmɛlə ˈbjuːsən) 1834-96, British novelist and illustrator; author Trilby (1894)
3. (Biography) his son, Sir Gerald (Hubert Edward). 1873–1934, British actor-manager: father of Daphne Du Maurier

Du Mau•ri•er

(du ˈmɔr iˌeɪ, dyu)
1. Dame Daphne (Lady Browning), 1907-89, English novelist.
2. her grandfather, George Louis Palmella Busson, 1834–96, English illustrator and novelist.
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Noun1.du Maurier - English writer of melodramatic novels (1907-1989)
2.Du Maurier - English writer and illustratordu Maurier - English writer and illustrator; grandfather of Daphne du Maurier (1834-1896)