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or Du Pont

(duˈpɒnt, dyu-, ˈdu pɒnt, ˈdyu-)

Eleuthère Irénée, 1771–1834, U.S. industrialist, born in France.
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du Pont establishes the DuPont Company in Wilmington, DE
The company gained these rights as part of its worldwide cross-license agreement with DuPont company, to which Vilnius University exclusively licensed this intellectual property.
While once known primarily for its chemical business, the 210-year-old DuPont Company has diversified and now is a global science business, veering headlong toward genetically engineered agriculture and nutrition products.
The first thermoplastic resin the DuPont Company used to manufacture plastic pipe for the industry was polyacetal, with the trade name Delrin[R].
Major players considered in the global fluoropolymer market are 3M Company, DuPont Company, BASF, Daikin Industries Limited, Dongyue Group Ltd., Arkema Group, Solvay Chemicals Inc., AGC Group, Honeywell International Inc., Saint Gobain S.A, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd., Hindustan Fluorocarbons Limited, Kureha Corporation, Halopolymer OJSC and Shanghai 3F New Material Co., Ltd
In 1804, the Dupont company built its first black powder plant in Delaware.
* Gil Meyer, director of Global Issues Management & Trend Analysis, DuPont Company. He has been with DuPont for 26 years, serving in a wide range of public affairs and regulatory affairs roles.
Following a short stint in that business, he went to work in 1909 as a salesman of explosives for the DuPont Company. In 1912, DuPont general manager, Hamilton Barksdale, a first cousin who was married to a duPont, (1) recognized Brown's administrative abilities and asked him to join the general office staff [Brown, 1977, p.
However, within twoweeks I had secured a job at a huge American plant, DuPont Company, just outside Derry (the city of Culture 2013) which rewarded me the princely sum of pounds 15-pounds 20 gross, after tax and National Insurance pounds 13 approx.
He has also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Radiation Chemistry section of the Max Planck Kohlenforschung Institute in Germany, and taught at Northeastern University in Boston, before joining the DuPont Company in 1973.
Hayes began his research career at the DuPont Company in 1984, beginning in the polymer products department in Wilmington, Delaware, and then moving successively to the engineering polymers business in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the packaging and industrial polymers business in LaPorte, Texas, DuPont's central R&D department in Wilmington, Delaware, and the DuPont polyester enterprise in Nashville Tennessee.