Dualistic system

(Chem.) an old theory, originated by Lavoisier and developed by Berzelius, that all definite compounds are binary in their nature, and consist of two distinct constituents, themselves simple or complex, and possessed of opposite chemical or electrical affinities; - superseded by later developments in chemical bonding theory, especially quantum mechanics.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Marguerite LaCaze faults Irigaray for privileging heterosexuality in her ethics but does not tie her challenge to the dualistic system behind Irigaray's reworking of sexuality.
Considering the "war" part of the phrase, the two principles of a dualistic system may also be classified as either working against each other in conflict, as in a good-vs.-evil system, or working together in harmony, as in a yin/yang system.
Hupkes explores the particularities of the Swiss supervisory system and discusses how it has evolved from a purely dualistic system to a more hybrid one (the merger of the monolithic and dualistic approaches creates challenges with respect to the delineation of responsibilities between the supervisor and the auditor).
In the dualistic system of Change and Permanence, Carr finds a form to push against, a hypothesis for living.
Mutual resistance efforts, such as those seeking equity through the eradication of the dualistic system of sex/gender, can come closer to realization by "blasting open gender categories" (23).
Presently, the EU regime for regulating chemicals is a complex mish-mash of some 40 laws and regulations that has resulted in a dualistic system that places a disproportionate regulatory burden on "new" chemicals and while allowing many chemicals marketed in the EU before 1981 to exist virtually unregulated.
Switzerland probably has gone the furthest in this so-called dualistic system, although some other European supervisors also partially rely on external auditors.
Shang Wei argues that the Confucian ritualism, which "demands to be translated in reality through simulated practice," was fundamentally divided from orthodox Neo-Confucianism, which seeks interpretation and discourse from history "in the making of Confucianism." In either case of this dualistic system, "li is, by its nature, narrative" (pp.
The Thai "gender/sex" system cannot be comprehended on an analogy with Western (and other?) forms, because at least until recently the relation between attributed gender, preferred form of sexual expression, and individual identity were not structured by a rigid binary or dualistic system, while expectations of sexual behaviour do not neatly map onto Western concepts of normative practices.
This dualistic system works to the detriment of women who are expected to devote part of their life to childrearing and thus cannot fulfill a lifetime commitment to a company.
" He conceived a dualistic system, in which he divided the universe into mutually exclusive but interacting spirit (or mind) and matter; the spirit is subject to reason, and matter is subject to mechanical laws.