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 (do͞ob′chĕk, do͞op′-), Alexander 1921-1992.
Czechoslovakian politician. As first secretary of the Communist Party (1968) he introduced reforms and pursued an independent foreign policy. In August 1968 Soviet authorities sent tanks into Prague and arrested Dubček, who was forced to resign.
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(Czech ˈduptʃɛk)
(Biography) Alexander (ˈaleksandə). 1921–92, Czechoslovak statesman. His reforms as first secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party prompted the Russian invasion of 1968
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(ˈdub tʃɛk, ˈdup-)

Alexander, 1921–92, Czechoslovakian political leader.
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As for actor Alexander Dubcek, he should be played by a well-known actor in the world, but negotiations going on with him, " Sa Leka said.
We revealed Czechoslovakia's leader Alexander Dubcek had been arrested by Soviet troops with three other politicians responsible for a series of liberal reforms.
Of which Eastern European country was Alexander Dubcek leader?
Mark, a nurse, has flown to Mexico City to see Leon Trotsky's memorial, South Dakota for Calamity Jane's burial site and Prague to stand next to Czech politician Alexander Dubcek's tombstone.
Gorbachev discussed the ideas of the Prague Spring with his university friend Zdenek Mlynaf, by then an adviser to Czechoslovak reform communist Alexander Dubcek, at home in Stavropol in 1967--just one year before pronouncing a formulaic denunciation of Dubcek's reforms as Soviet tanks ruined the cobblestones of Prague.
Incidentally, the above story claimed: "The Saudi government provided the financing for Pakistan to secretly build up its own nuclear arms, the first 'Sunni bomb', as the Pakistani creators of the program called it." BREZHNEV DOCTRINE Now, an excerpt from Victor Sebestyen's "Revolution 1989: The Fall of the Soviet Empire" on how Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev allegedly lectured Czech leader Alexander Dubcek after Soviet tanks crushed the Prague Spring of 1968: "Your country lies on territory where the Soviet soldier trod in the Great Patriotic War.
IN March 1968, when Antonin Novotny resigned as the president of Czechoslovakia in the wake of a corruption scandal, a couple of months after he had been removed from the more important post of Communist Party first secretary, it fell upon his successor in the latter capacity, Alexander Dubcek, to pick a new head of state.
1968: Warsaw Pact forces invaded Czechoslovakia to crush moves led by Alexander Dubcek to establish a freer society branded "socialism with a human face".
Dubcek" Elmarie Wendel passed away at the age of 89.