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n. galactografía, rayos-x-de los conductos mamarios.
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Imaging studies including ductography are often diagnostic for large, central papillomas.
Newer modalities such as magnetic resonance ductography and ultrasound glactography are in its evaluation phases and promise more specific ways of predicting carcinoma in mammary ducts (24, 25).
This edition has new monographs on ductography, sinus endoscopy, fetoscopy, hysteroscopy, and sialography; expanded information; some combined or condensed tests; and more on pathophysiology that affects test results, patient safety and education, and integration of related laboratory and diagnostic testing.
There is debate over the appropriate use of ductography, as a normal ductogram does not exclude the finding of an intraductal lesion, and complete central duct excision should remove all of the tissue commonly associated with papillomatous changes, which would make it unnecessary for localization," she said.