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n.1.One who leads.
2.(Mach.) A contrivance for removing superfluous ink or coloring matter from a roller. See Doctor, 4.
Ductor roller
(Printing) the roller which conveys or supplies ink to another roller.
- Knight.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Near it lay that bulky volume, the Ductor Dubitantium of Jeremy Taylor, full of cases of conscience, and in which most men, possessed of a conscience, may find something applicable to their purpose.
(37.) HAMBURGER, supra note 16, at 164 (quoting JEREMY TAYLOR, DUCTOR DUBITANTUM, OR THE RULE OF CONSCIENCE IN ALL HER GENERAL MEASURES 82 (James Flesher ed., Oxford Univ.
* El gobierno federal mexicano, desde 1995 mediante el Programa de Apoyos directos al Campo (Procampo), otorga subsidios directos anuales al pro- ductor, asignados por superficie agricola sin importar los rendimientos obtenidos (SAGARPA, 2007), y desde 2001 a traves del Programa de Desarrollo Humano 'Oportunidades' entrega bimensualmente un ingreso en efectivo a los hogares rurales mas pobres, con la condicion de que los ninos asistan a la escuela y sus miembros acudan al servicio medico y participen en los talleres de salud y nutricion (Wondon et al., 2003).
a of music from th played at the Concerts in Cov Opera House, Sullivan was a c ductor in residence, and went down so well that 10,000 piano scores of the songs were sold in a day.
The rising request has transformed China into a net importer of coal, natural gas and oil, bringing about an economy that is determined by foreign sources for 8% of its energy (Aller and Ductor, 2014).