ductus arteriosis

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duc•tus ar•te•ri•o•sis

(ˈdʌk təs ɑrˌtɪər iˈoʊ sɪs)
a fetal blood vessel that connects the left pulmonary artery to the descending aorta.
[1805–15; < New Latin: literally, arterial channel]
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If the baby is born premature, a complication known as patent ductus arteriosis can occur in which a temporary conduit between a major artery and a major vein fails to close properly.
Nephrotoxic AKI in generally associated with use of aminoglycoside antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are used for closure of patent ductus arteriosis while some studies have also reported genetic risk factors of acute renal failure among neonates.16
Objective: To assess the efficacy of Ventricular Septal Defect device for occlusion of large Patent Ductus Arteriosis with high pulmonary artery pressure.
"These include respiratory distress syndrome, pneumothorax (abnormal collection of fluid in the pleural area), bronchopulmonary dysplasia, intraventricular and intracranial bleeding leading to post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus, patent ductus arteriosis (a condition that causes cardiac problems), retinopathy caused by prematurity that can lead to blindness, birth asphyxia, hypoxia and haemorrhage leading to convulsions and other neurological deficits later in life.