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n.1.(Min.) A mineral of a blackish green color, commonly massive or in nodules. It is a hydrous phosphate of iron.
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Other minerals present in attractive, smaller crystals or coatings include cacoxenite, crandallite, dufrenite, gypsum, jarosite, native selenium and strengite/variscite.
More recently the list has been expanded to include jahnsite (Moore and Ito, 1978a), arrojadite (Moore and Ito, 1979), dufrenite and one unidentified zinc phosphate (Hirson, 1965) having lower refractive indices than the zincian rockbridgeite of Lindberg and Frondel, 1950), a kidwellite-like mineral (Moore and Ito, 1978b) and johnsomervilleite (Araki and Moore, 1981).
63]) plus accessory titanite, albite, epidote, calcite, dolomite, chlorite, hematite, prehnite, actinolite, ilmenite, magnetite, pyrite, dufrenite, deep blue aerinite and blue quartz.
Also new from New Mexico are some excellent, dark green (nearly black) dufrenite crystals to 5 mm from the Santa Rita mine, Grant County, obtained by Steve Pullman; and green microcrystals of mackayite have been collected from a prospect near the Lone Pine mine, Catron County, by Patrick Haynes (Virgin Mining Company, PO.