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Noun1.Dugald Stewart - Scottish philosopher and follower of Thomas Reid (1753-1828)
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The list detailed the most impressive viewing points for each city, including Dugald Stewart Monument, on Calton Hill, in Edinburgh; Bathwick Hill, in Bath; and Alexandra Park and Greenwich Park, in London.
Charles Bradford Bow looks at the attempt by Dugald Stewart, another key supporter of Burns, 'to create a didactic Enlightenment in the wake of the French Revolution' (p.
In the centre of Edinburgh the university's PS25m Data Technology Institute, the third and final phase of the Potterrow development after the Informatics Forum and Dugald Stewart Building, is scheduled for completion this December.
She explores comments that writers, politicians and philosophers such as Edmund Burke, William Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, Adam Smith, David Hume, Dugald Stewart and John Thelwall make about crowd behaviour and sympathy but the book also substantially deals with radical print culture and writers such as William Cobbett, William Hone, Thomas de Quincey and William Hazlitt.
We know from John Millar, who attended Smith's lectures, the general character of these lectures wherein Smith "considered the proofs of the being and attributes of god; and those principles of the mind on which religion is founded" (reproduced in Dugald Stewart's "Account of the Life and Writings of Adam Smith").
Smith's original biographer, the Edinburgh moralist Dugald Stewart, is quoted in the prologue to his book, observing that Smith 'seems to have wished that no materials should remain for his biographers, but what were furnished by the lasting monuments of his genius, and the exemplary worth of his private life' (p.
Dugald Stewart, tres anos apos a morte de Smith, ja chamava esse tipo de metodologia historica de "historia teorica" ou "conjectural", uma expressao que, segundo o proprio, "corresponde proximamente em seu sentido aquela de 'historia natural', como empregada pelo Sr.
Esta autora pertenecia a un entorno intelectual: era nuera de Dugald Stewart, catedratico de Filosofia Moral en la Universidad de Edimburgo (hijo a su vez de un catedratico de Matematicas de la misma universidad), autor de numerosos trabajos cientificos en cuyo honor se erigio un monumento en 1831 --aun en pie--, en uno de los lugares mas prominentes de la ciudad.
Meanwhile, among a younger generation of expatriate Scots operating in America, Young printed and published 1,700 octavo pages of common-sense philosophy by Thomas Reid and Dugald Stewart in 1793 alone, deemed by Sher "a colossal achievement that set the stage for the celebrated conquest of American higher education by common sense philosophy" (p.
Morrison's exegesis found in his chapter on "Plain Common Sense" divides Scottish philosophy into "the moral sense school of Francis Hutcheson" and the "common sense school" associated with Thomas Reid and Dugald Stewart. According to the former, Witherspoon maintained that humans have all been endowed by Providence with the capacity to render sound moral and political judgments.