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(French dyamɛl)
(Biography) Georges (ʒɔrʒ). 1884–1966, French novelist, poet, and dramatist; author of La Chronique des Pasquier (1933–45)


(ˌdu əˈmɛl, ˌdyu-)

Georges, 1884–1966, French novelist, physician, and poet.
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za/2018/02/28/josh-duhamel-i-know-who-killed-tupac-shakur) Josh Duhamel , who stars in "Love, Simon" as Garner's husband, said that he wants his son, Axl, to grow up as a happy and passionate person.
Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford are focused squarely on the Pyeongchang Olympics, where the pairs team from Canada will contend for a gold medal inside Gangneung Ice Arena in the next couple of weeks.
Rolls, Sitbon, and Vuaille-Barcan seek to dispel the myth that the series of French thrillers that Gallilmard began to publish after World War II under the editorship of Duhamel was merely a receptacle for translations of American thrillers designed to assuage the French reading public's craving for US cultural products that the war had deprived them of.
IANS Singer Fergie Duhamel says she suffered from symptoms of psychosis and dementia due to her drug addiction to methamphetamine, commonly known as crystal meth.
BLACK-EYED Peas star Fergie has opened up about her split from husband Josh Duhamel.
October 25 (ANI): Last month, singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel took everyone by surprise when they announced their decision to end their 8 years of marriage.
Conditions for opening tenders Date: 20/09/2017 Local time: 09:00 Square: Lyce Duhamel - Dole.
Denise Duhamel's Scald deploys that casual-Friday Duhamel diction so effortlessly a reader might think heck, I could write like that , but then the dazzling leaps and forms begin--"Snake Pantoum," "Conceptual Villanelle"-- And Duhamel's sentences don't even break a sweat, sailing on with her trademark mix of irony, grrrl power, and low-key technical virtuosity, like if Frank O'Hara, Carrie Brownstein, and Elizabeth Bishop had a baby.
com)-- Already an established independent filmmaker with five film credits under his belt, Matt Duhamel has now set his sights on a weekly video podcast about America's broken criminal justice system.
HOLLYWOOD star Josh Duhamel was the centre of attention when he arrived in Newcastle in army fatigues ready for filming.
Director - Shintaro Shimosawa Cast - Josh Duhamel, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Alice Eve, Malin Akerman, Byung-hun Lee, Julia Stiles, Glen Powell
Our employees have been very patient throughout this process," said Legend Boats co-manager Marc Duhamel.