Duke of Cumberland

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Noun1.Duke of Cumberland - English generalDuke of Cumberland - English general; son of George II; fought unsuccessfully in the battle of Fontenoy (1721-1765)
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The serjeant had informed Mr Jones that they were marching against the rebels, and expected to be commanded by the glorious Duke of Cumberland. By which the reader may perceive (a circumstance which we have not thought necessary to communicate before) that this was the very time when the late rebellion was at the highest; and indeed the banditti were now marched into England, intending, as it was thought, to fight the king's forces, and to attempt pushing forward to the metropolis.
I was not new to violent death--I have served his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, and got a wound myself at Fontenoy-- but I know my pulse went dot and carry one.
While Bonnie Prince Charlie was at Stirling Castle in early 1746, a second Miss (or Mrs) Jenny Cameron took her place in the drama, an Edinburgh milliner whom Prince William, Duke of Cumberland (nicknamed The Butcher, he was George II's youngest son) confused with the former Miss Cameron.
The Duke of Cumberland apparently spent the night in Nairn before the Battle of Culloden.
Set upon The Duke of Cumberland was attacked in Dunblane by a serving girl called Minnie.
Later, in 1745, in through the New Gate rode the Duke of Cumberland and the triumphant English army after their crushing victory over the Scots at the Battle of Culloden, near Inverness.
They previously ran a Georgian pub, the Duke of Cumberland in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, where John grew up but when their lease came up for renewal after five years they decided it was time to make a new start elsewhere.
One walk that we did brave was the mile to Tottergill's local pub (so intrepid) the Duke of Cumberland in Castle Carrock for lunch.
The element of surprise served the Jacobites well in battle until the eve of Culloden when they had to retreat from their ill-planned scheme to steal into the Duke of Cumberland's camp overnight and attack his soldiers as they lay sleeping in their tents.
Soldiers led by the Duke of Cumberland were billeted there as they crushed the Jacobite rebellion in the Highlands.
George II created the law when his brother, The Duke of Cumberland, secretly married Lady Anne Horton, who the king saw as high disreputable and having "bewitching eyes," according to (http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2011/02/royal-marriage-rules-the-laws-that-bind-william-and-kates-romance) BBC America.
is this Peter Firth as the Duke of Cumberland also arrives in London hoping that Victoria may die in childbirth as they kick where they have Pratheep.