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or duk·kah  (do͝ok′ə)
An Egyptian spice blend of toasted and ground nuts, seeds, and herbs, such as hazelnuts, sesame, coriander, and cumin, used as a topping for meat or vegetables or as a dry dip for bread coated with olive oil.

[Egyptian colloquial Arabic daqqa, from Arabic, powder, from daqqa, yaduqqu, to crush, pulverize, and daqqa, yadiqqu, to be fine, thin; akin to Hebrew dāqaq, to crush, beat into small pieces, and Akkadian daqqu, pulverized, fine.]


(ˈdʊkə) or


(Cookery) a mix of ground roast nuts and spices, originating in Egypt, and used for sprinkling on meat or as a dip
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Beetroot hummus was an excellent bold pink version of the beige staple, presented in a yin and yang arrangement with whipped feta, dotted with hazelnut dukkah.
WeAaAeAeAEve added some creamy hummus and the ultra-flavorf dukkah spice blend.
Our PS20-for-three-courses lunch menu began with a perfectly grilled mackerel fillet with an excellent Greek labneh yoghurt and herby za'atar on the side, and a hearty cauliflower soup with a dukkah spice which was perfect for the wintry afternoon.
It's an "interesting" combination of scrambled egg with avocado and dukkah (a condiment of herbs, nuts and spices), served alongside hasselback potatoes with roasted red peppers and parmesan, plus S'mores French toast, which is topped with melted marshmallow and chocolate.
Must try dishes include the tuna tartar with jalapeno dressing, lamb ribs with dukkah, the truffle pide, and for dessert a strawberry cheesecake qatayef.
DUKKAH (MAKES I CUP) 1/2 cup skinned or unskinned hazelnuts 1/4 cup white sesame seeds 2 tbsp.
Flavors such as harissa, a spicy pepper paste, have been around in the foodservice space for a number of years, and this has created an uptick for other flavors in the region, like berbere, dukkah and ras el hanout," he says.
We try to marinate them with local ingredients like dukkah and sumac," says Banyan Tree Al Wadi's Wardhana.
Goat's cheese cones were actually quite nice, but topped only with sumac, rather than the advertised dukkah and red pepper flakes.
The Clif Family Kitchen blends spices and nuts into the bold Egyptian seasoning known as Dukkah.
We enjoyed the amazing sight of the Doha skyline, along with delectable dishes like scallops seasoned with dukkah, raw cauliflower couscous, yogurt, roasted almonds and hibiscus.