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a man's sweetheart
[C18: from the name of Don Quixote's mistress Dulcinea del Toboso in Cervantes' novel; from Spanish dulce sweet]


(dʌlˈsɪn i ə, ˌdʌl səˈni ə)

n., pl. -cin•e•as.
a ladylove; sweetheart.
[1740–50; after Dulcinea the ladylove of Don Quixote]
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Noun1.dulcinea - a woman who is a man's sweetheart
steady, sweetheart, sweetie, truelove - a person loved by another person
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Her name was Aldonza Lorenzo, and upon her he thought fit to confer the title of Lady of his Thoughts; and after some search for a name which should not be out of harmony with her own, and should suggest and indicate that of a princess and great lady, he decided upon calling her Dulcinea del Toboso -she being of El Toboso- a name, to his mind, musical, uncommon, and significant, like all those he had already bestowed upon himself and the things belonging to him.
He becomes obsessed with defending the honour of a peasant woman, Dulcinea del Toboso, and embarks on multiple journeys with his squire, Sancho Panza.
Le dice Don Quijote a Dulcinea: "Bien te puedes llamar dichosa sobre cuantas hoy viven sobre la tierra; !oh, sobre las bellas, bella Dulcinea del Toboso!, pues te cupo en suerte tener sujeto y rendido a toda tu voluntad e talante a un tan valiente y tan nombrado caballero como lo es y sera Don Quijote de la Mancha; el cual, como todo el mundo sabe, ayer recibio la orden de caballeria".
Don Quijote praises the Duchess as the "digna senora de la hermosura," and the Duke replies: "adonde esta mi senora dona Dulcinea del Toboso, no es razon que se alaben otras fermosuras" (2.30:271).
The last detail does not infer any problems, either: despite the fact that there is no woman in his life, he remembers a close-by woman farmer, calls her Dulcinea del Toboso, and dedicates his thoughts and great deeds to her.
I bade him tell it to me; and he still laughing said, "In the margin, as I told you, this is written: `This Dulcinea del Toboso so often mentioned in this history, had, they say, the best hand of any woman in all La Mancha for salting pigs.'"
No habra podido la muchacha comprender, en su real y mistica dimension, por principio de cuentas, la relevancia de la figura de don Quijote sino hasta que este se aleje de ella; y sobre todo tardara en descubrir su capacidad para dar existencia a lo poetico: "porque el supo crear de la nada un mito, una mujer fascinadora: Dulcinea del Toboso" (id.).
Quiere ser armado caballero a fin de que pueda ofrecer sus hazanas a la sin par Dulcinea del Toboso, la mujer mas bella del mundo.
Don Quixote also mistakes a neighboring peasant girl of Toboso to be Dulcinea del Toboso who was a beautiful but imaginary maiden of his fantasy and to whom he had pledged fidelity prior to leaving on his glorious expedition.
Dulcinea del Toboso", "Dulcinea, porque en ser hermosa ninguna
About his longing for his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso, his mythical "queen and lady."
Along with-him, Halik weaves his pages with discussions of Nietschze, Simone Weft, Kafka, the Cervantes characters Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and Dulcinea del Toboso, and others.