a.1.Having eyes wanting brightness, liveliness, or vivacity.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I remember a dull-eyed, livid-complexioned gentleman coming to dine at our house once.
Behind smiling Emperor Xi shines a torchlight, where a shadow image of a dull-eyed man is seen covering his mouth with his hand as a giant hand clutches his own torso - it is the hand of the authoritarian state.
This Mazda was soon replaced by an 18-year old Subaru that responds to all kinds of abuse, misuse, disuse and hard use with a nonchalant dull-eyed stare and a deep throaty rumble at idle.
train coming home from work dull-eyed and bitter-faced
How many youngsters instead of disporting in the open air are crouched dull-eyed over screens indulging in so-called 'games' of insensate violence?" - Writer Frederick Forsyth on the downside of the internet.
It is not even the case that I find any sort of impromptu eating in public a touch distasteful - such as wobbly and pimply youths striding down the street, stuffing their pale, dull-eyed faces with pizza.
As the head of a small private school, I have seen students transformed from dull-eyed, chin-down, deeply frustrated souls into teachers themselves, bright-eyed and electric.
As I watch dull-eyed young adults staring obsessively at their mobile phones in lifts, or swerve to avoid a head-on collision with yet another mobile user in mid-conversation, it occurs to me that something has gone wrong somewhere.
I've also made a conscious effort not even to raise a disapproving eyebrow when confronted by idiot drivers hogging the outside lane, truckers who snarl-up road junctions by joining the end of traffic jams and slow-witted, dull-eyed, rotund girls who block my way as they saunter along exchanging banalities on their mobiles phones.
The monarchy is re-branding itself for us common folk; out with the robes and enter dull-eyed Will and Kate with their hoodies and history of familial sloth, colonial violence, and generaL parasitism.
Dull-eyed customers would scan down the row of generic selection house blends, French roast, hazelnut, decaf and Colombian coffee.
Sadly because of the finances involved, dull-eyed pragmatism trumps sporting expression.