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a.1.Pertaining to, or set with, briers or bushes; brambly.
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On the mythopoetic level, however (and this is the level on which Pushkin treats his subject), tsar is elevated to divinity, a creator-god possessed of a creative impulse whose very articulation in thought ("I dumal on") appears to bring it to fruition in the very next stanza.
Manjula Nivanthi and Dumal Warnakulasuriya, up and coming artists with performances in the number one reality show Sirasa Super Star, will be also joining Nirosha to make the celebration a memorable event.
Elisabeth Ladenson, in her study Dirt for Art's Sake, examines the cases of seven famous literary works which ran afoul of the authorities for their presumed lewdness in their own time but which are now viewed, correctly or not, as tolerably "clean": Flaubert's Madame Bovary, Baudelaire's Fleurs duMal, Joyce's Ulysses, Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness, Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer, Nabokov's Lolita, and D.
Louis Dumal, the young Haitian program manager for Meds and Food for Kids, a St.
This line is carried even further by Denis Fonvizin in 1777, who expresses genuine disenchantment with various aspects of his trip to Europe: "Ia dumal sperva, chto Frantsiia, po rasskazam, zemnoi rai, no oshibilsia zhestoko" (I thought, at first, that France, according to the stories, was an earthly heaven, but I was cruelly mistaken) (423), he complains in his "Pis' ma iz vtorovo zagranichnego puteshestviia" ("Letters from the Second Journey Abroad").
La vision tragique desGrecs a l'egard duMal, explique Corey, celle qui oblige le public a confronter << les aspects les plus repugnants de la condition humaine >>, etait d'une importance cruciale dans la genese du theatre en Occident et pourrait servir a nous rappeler que, si un univers tragique ne peut nous offrir une solution definitive au probleme du Mal, il peut nous aider a le tenir au loin.
Individual words and more extended sections are analysed in depth so as to illuminate Les Fleurs dumal as a whole.
On osibsja v nej [approximately equal to] On naprasno dumal o nej tak, kak on dumal, lit.
Tenders are invited for Dumal Gear Specification As Per Kepco Part No.
We recall that Zhukovsky had linked the expression on the angel's face with Raphael's own at the moment of inspiration: "vazhnaia, glubokaia mysl' tsarstvuet na mladencheskom litse--ne takov li byl i Rafael' v to vremia, kogda on dumal o svoei Madonne?
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Water Courses And Field Channels Of Remc From 18960M To 20270M And Sankhaimal S/M With Dumal S/M Including Its All Structures Under Wua-13 Of Remc.
Tenders are invited for Dumal Gear For Master Controller To Kepco Part No:1002Am084.