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(Placename) a town in W Scotland, in West Dunbartonshire near the confluence of the Rivers Leven and Clyde: centred around the Rock of Dumbarton, an important stronghold since ancient times; engineering and distilling. Pop: 20 527 (2001)


(dʌmˈbɑr tn)

1. Also, Dunbarton. Also called Dum•bar•ton•shire (dʌmˈbɑr tnˌʃɪər, -ʃər a historic county in W Scotland.)
2. a city in W Scotland, near the Clyde River: 80,105.
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Dumbarton District Council leased the Estate in 1975 and this transferred to West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) after local authority reorganisation in 1996.
He had been a JP for 10 years at Dumbarton District Court and was also secretary-treasurer of the local bowling association.
In the late 1980s, councillors on the then Dumbarton District Council, gave the peace camp special planning permission.
The 39-year-old was led into Dumbarton District Court handcuffed to two officers after being arrested at her home on Sunday night.
In the late 1980s, anti-nuclear councillors on Dumbarton District Council gave the peace camp special planning permission.
West Dunbartonshire Council allowed Clydebank Youth Forum to hold its competition in an adjacent room to a sitting of Dumbarton District Court in Clydebank Town Hall.
During the hearing, at Dumbarton District Court, his lawyer Patricia Bingham, revealed that Marti draws an "average income" of pounds 1,500 a month from his business.
Ann and Colin both took early retirement five years ago from clerical jobs at Dumbarton District Council.
The father-of-two, who sits at Dumbarton District Court, was charged after police raided his home and seized computer material.