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A town of southern Scotland south-southwest of Edinburgh. Robert Burns is buried here.


(Placename) a town in S Scotland on the River Nith, administrative centre of Dumfries and Galloway. Pop: 31 146 (2001)



1. Also called Dum•fries•shire (dʌmˈfrisˌʃɪər, -ʃər) a historic county in S Scotland.
2. a burgh of Dumfries and Galloway in S Scotland: burial place of Robert Burns. 57,149.
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The exact address is Baliol Cottage, near Dumfries.
He took a farm a few miles from Dumfries, and although since he had been parted from his Jean he had forgotten her time and again and made love to many another, he and she were now married, this time in good truth.
After the latter event he removed to the neighboring market-town of Dumfries, where he again renewed his companionship with unworthy associates.
A Facebook page started by police control workers in Dumfries has 8000 signatures of support.
Bathing in afternoon sunshine This photograph of a duck pond near Dunscore bathing in the late afternoon sunshine was taken by Standard reader Edward Graham from Dumfries.
02 Contract Notice: NHS Dumfries & Galloway is tendering for cleaning machines for the new Dumfries & Galloway Hospital.
Kerr PS10 In memory of brother-in-law Wullie Heslop and James Cummings, Dumfries.
A 32-year-old man made a brief appearance in court at Dumfries following a road crash in which two people died in a blazing car on the A711 Dalbeattie road.
02 Contract Notice: NHS Dumfries & Galloway is tendering for Clinical Storage Trolleys for the new Dumfries & Galloway Hospital.
DuPont - who make polyester films - are cutting their workforce at their Cargenbridge base in Dumfries.
Next were willing to open a new, much larger store, employing more people (jobs Dumfries needs) but our backward-looking ruling parties in the council seem to believe that they know better than experienced business people who know the future is in out-of-town shopping and who were willing to invest in Dumfries and create jobs.
02 Contract Notice: The new Dumfries & Galloway Hospital in Dumfries plan to invest in a temperature monitoring system for each area.