Dumping car

a railway car, or a cart, the body of which can be tilted to empty the contents; - called also dump car, or dump cart.

See also: Dump

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Twenty people have been caught illegally dumping car parts in an undercover sting operation in Birmingham.
Although Americans had been dumping cars since the 1920s, replacing worn-out models with new wheels, the problem was a relatively late-breaking one.
Wadi Kabir is said to be the major spot for dumping cars due to its proximity to auto workshops.
The authorities concerned conduct search-and-removal operations to deal with the problem, but without the existence of a clear law that would prevent the chronic practice of dumping cars in a manner that distorts the urban landscape, the report states.
"The Government is making dumping cars more attractive than recycling," said Mr Baker.
``Also the council has put stones down on the other end of the road to stop people dumping cars in a ditch.
"Hopefully, this will help cut problems associated with abandoned vehicles and deter people from illegally dumping cars in our towns, villages and beautiful countryside."
The city council has already placed bollards along the Lindfield area of Stoke Aldermoor which has stopped joyriders dumping cars in the River Sowe.
West Lothian council are also testing the camera for use on sites where fly tipping and dumping cars is common.
There needs to be a ``zero toler-ance'' approach taken to this issue, in terms of educating the public and heavy fines being imposed on those who are found to be responsible for dumping cars on the street.
Pieces of the forest through which Tolkien walked, now surrounded by metal fence posts to keep out the trash who would pollute it by dumping cars and goodness knows what else.