dung heap

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dung heap





1. a heap of dung
2. a foul place, condition, or person
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While recently perusing unread books gathering dust on my shelves, one tome caught my eye and, upon being loosed from the grip of neglect, fell open to a random page from which leapt the following sentence: "The ancestors of a critical and growing mass of present-day Americans existed in dung heaps of humanity amidst rotting vegetables.
Sepp Blatter sits atop that dung heap, but there are plenty in English football who sit not that far below.
As both a physical and a metaphysical beast, the grass snake has inhabited our imaginations and (as it turns out) our dung heaps in equal measure.
Seriously, I hope and pray that the refurbished Greenhead Park bans dogs totally or we shall have the biggest dung heap in the north.
Some have called it, "Bunk," others, "A lie agreed upon," and the less charitable scoundrels, have referred to the past as "The dung heap of history.
Then eventually when you give up lying there like a dung heap and get up you feel so ghastly the entire day is a write off?
Crawl into the new Dung Heap playground, or take a gravely spooky stroll through the new Haunted Hollow Visit Willy Wonka in his fantabulous Chocolate Factory, or be outmatched by Rita - Queen of Speed, all in the name of unadulterated fun.
One leads to a dung heap and the other to the city dump.
Chatting recently with Paul Bertorelli, editor of our sister publication Aviation Consumer, we agreed the barrage of articles in the popular aviation press on the "Greening of General Aviation" are just misting rose water on a steaming dung heap.
Yesterday vandals broke down a fence and set fire to a dung heap in a field where horses were grazing.
For the perfect family treat, Alton Towers Resort has high-speed screams on brilliant rides such as Rita and Oblivion, or family fun at the new Dung Heap adventure playground and Extraordinary Golf.
One of the strengths of the book is a vast array of anecdotes and facts about horses and horse cultures, such as, for example, sayings on the feeding of horses among the Arabs: "Water at dawn makes a horse thin, water at dusk makes him fat," or "the morning barley will be found on the dung heap .