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 (dŭng′kər) also Dun·kard (-kərd)
A member of the German Baptist Brethren, a group of German-American Baptists opposed to military service and the taking of legal oaths.

[Pennsylvania Dutch, from dunke, to dunk (from the practice of baptism by immersion); see dunk.]
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Noun1.Dunkard - an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)Dunkard - an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)
Church of the Brethren, Dippers, Dunkers - a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent; opposed to military service and taking legal oaths; practiced trine immersion
Baptist - follower of Baptistic doctrines
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These are the Mennonites, Church of the Brethren (also called Tunkers or Dunkards), Hutterites, Doukhobors, and the Society of Friends or Quakers.
As members of a splinter segment of the Dunkards, or German Baptist Brethren, established in 1708 by Alexander Mack, we were a minority presence in an overwhelmingly Orthodox and Roman Catholic community.
Dunkers, who practiced three-time immersion baptism, were also referred to as Tunkers, Dunkards, and Brethren.