a.1.Beaten; hence, blunted.
Fencer's swords . . . having the edge dunted.
- Fuller.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They were lifted by their arms and legs by two fellow Freeholders and "dunted" - placed three times on the official dunting stone - in the rarely used initiation ceremony.
A third new Freeholder, Trevor Greenwood who lives in Devon, was also due to be dunted yesterday but was unable to make the trip to Newbigginbecause of business commitments.
Her mum, who has been with her every step of the way, was suddenly dunted to the back as organisers and hangers-on thronged around her.
All three are to be dunted on Wednesday May 22, when freeholders' secretary, Gladstone Storey, will do the honours.
Yesterday Mr Storey, 64, who lives in Haven View, Newbiggin and was dunted himself in 1977, said: "It is just a quirk of fate that we will be dunting three people on the same day, and it is the first time in my 35-year association with the freeholders that it has happened.
"The last new freeholder to be dunted was in 2006 and whoever buys this stint at auction will also have to go through the ceremony."
INITIATION Gladstone Storey is dunted in 1977, with his uncle Robert Mavin Storey, left, and Grandfather Gladstone Storey CLIQUE Newbiggin Freeholders in 1936 TRADITION Gladstone Storey, a Newbiggin Freeholder, standing by the dunting stone
CEREMONY Gladstone being dunted on the dunting stone in 1977, with his uncle Robert Mavin Storey, left, and grandfather Gladstone Storey TRADITION The Newbiggin Freeholders beating the bounds in 1936 HISTORIC TIMES Gladstone Storey, who is a Newbiggin Freeholder, with the dunting stone
This year Simon Dawes from London will have the honour of being dunted. He's been passed the freeholder title by his godfather, who died last year.
"Let it be known here at the dunting stone, Mr Simon Dawes has been duly dunted and is granted the rights and privileges of the Lords of the Manor."