n.1.(Zool.) A porpoise.
Dunter goose
(Zool.) the eider duck.
- J. Brand.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Unfortunately for competition bosses, the double dunter by amateur golfers Mark Fowler and Neil Snedden came with a healthy price tag of PS10,000 at the Prieshach prize hole, hailed the best par three in Scotland by Open winner Paul Lawrie.
Bill Dunter, director of Zed factory, which is part of the consortium, said: "This is a revolution in house building.
Later that day in Lerwick we joined Dr Jonathan Wills, a naturalist, for a three-hour trip entitled seabirds and seals, on his boat MV Dunter.
Later that day, in Lerwick, we joined Dr Jonathan Wills, a naturalist, for a three-hour trip entitled, Seabirds and Seals, on his boat MV Dunter. The seals were gathering as we left port, and the seabirds soared, swooped and dived.
Dr Jonathan Wills offers regular trips around Bressay aboard his boat, the Dunter 3.
Dr Jonathan Wills and Dunter 3 sailing information at www.seabirds-and-seals.com Fares are pounds 35 for adults, pounds 25 for under 16s.
"What about you?" I prompted my four year old, waiting for a double dunter of appreciation.
I'd heard that the three-hour trip on board Jonathan Wills' boat Dunter II was worthwhile and, because I knew that the cliffs on the island of Noss were extraordinary, and the gannet colony there enormous, I went for that.
The Dunter II holds a dozen people, and you sit outside.
Local Labour Party chairman Jonathan Wills took Dewar for an island tour in his boat, Dunter II.
The miners had their own folklore then and Coblynau, Cutty Soams, Dunters and Knockers, "familiars" (as the goblins and elves who lived in the mines were called) were bringers of good fortune and defenders against dangers.