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 (do͞o′ə-dē′nəm, dyo͞o′-, do͞o-ŏd′n-əm, dyo͞o-)
n. pl. du·o·de·na (do͞o′ə-dē′nə, dyo͞o′-, do͞o-ŏd′n-ə, dyo͞o-) or du·o·de·nums
The beginning portion of the small intestine, starting at the lower end of the stomach and extending to the jejunum.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, short for intestīnum duodēnum digitōrum, intestine of twelve finger-widths (in length), from Latin duodēnum, genitive pl. of duodēnī, twelve each, from duodecim, twelve; see duodecimal.]

du′o·de′nal (do͞o′ə-dē′nəl, dyo͞o′-, do͞o-ŏd′n-əl, dyo͞o-) adj.
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(ˌdu əˈdin l, ˌdyu-; duˈɒd n əl, dyu-)

of or pertaining to the duodenum.
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Adj.1.duodenal - in or relating to the duodenum; "duodenal ulcer"
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A. ADJduodenal
B. CPD duodenal ulcer Núlcera f de duodeno
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[ˌdjuːəʊˈdiːnəl] adjduodénal(e) duodenal ulcerduodenal ulcer nulcère m du duodénum
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adj duodenal ulcerZwölffingerdarmgeschwür nt
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[ˌdjuːəʊˈdiːnl] adj (ulcer) → duodenale
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a. duodenal, rel. al duodeno.
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adj duodenal; — switch cruce m duodenal
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In WIRS group, numerous duodenal lesions were apparent as follow: acute erosive hemorrhagic lesions, as well as massive hemorrhagic necrosis, marked capillary congestion, denuded villi and dilated capilliaries, massive duodenal epithelial lifting, and tissue looseness, edema, local abscission of laminae propria with inflammatory cell infiltration, and duodenal glands structural disorder, gland atrophy and reduction and local deficiency.
Fluid secreted by the duodenal glands enters the intestinal tract to promote the absorption of nutrients in the duodenum.
(24) have observed duodenal glands containing PAS positive material after birth and reported that following nursing the glandular cells actively secrete.