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 (do͝or′ər, dyo͝or′-, dü′rər), Albrecht 1471-1528.
German painter and engraver who incorporated the classicism of the Italian Renaissance into northern European art.


(German ˈdyːrər)
(Biography) Albrecht (ˈalbrɛçt). 1471–1528, German painter and engraver, regarded as the greatest artist of the German Renaissance and noted particularly as a draughtsman and for his copper engravings and woodcuts


(ˈdʊər ər, ˈdyʊər-)

Albrecht, 1471–1528, German painter and engraver.
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Noun1.Durer - a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)Durer - a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)


[ˈdjʊərəʳ] NDurero
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