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 (do͝or′ər, dyo͝or′-, dü′rər), Albrecht 1471-1528.
German painter and engraver who incorporated the classicism of the Italian Renaissance into northern European art.


(German ˈdyːrər)
(Biography) Albrecht (ˈalbrɛçt). 1471–1528, German painter and engraver, regarded as the greatest artist of the German Renaissance and noted particularly as a draughtsman and for his copper engravings and woodcuts


(ˈdʊər ər, ˈdyʊər-)

Albrecht, 1471–1528, German painter and engraver.
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Noun1.Durer - a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)Durer - a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)


[ˈdjʊərəʳ] NDurero
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A man cannot tell whether Apelles, or Albert Durer, were the more trifler; whereof the one, would make a personage by geometrical proportions; the other, by taking the best parts out of divers faces, to make one excellent.
With the same marvellous patience, and with the same single shark's tooth, of his one poor jack-knife, he will carve you a bit of bone sculpture, not quite as workmanlike, but as close packed in its maziness of design, as the Greek savage, Achilles's shield; and full of barbaric spirit and suggestiveness, as the prints of that fine old Dutch savage, Albert Durer.
engages par l'Office National de l'Assainissement depuis le 02 mars et qui devraient durer une semaine, selon la meme source.
Durer implies that visual depiction loses the paragone between poetry and painting, words and images.
The orderly settlements described by and imagined by Durer or Frederick Rapp, or those realized by the Harmonists, or at Christianopolis or Herrnhut, were based to some degree in a grid.
ART HISTORY: Albrecht Durer was an artist of genius proportions who lived in Germany and Northern Europe during the Renaissance.
Ce retrait provisoire va durer jusqu'a l'annonce des conclusions de l'enquete declenchee depuis le deces de deux nourrissons dans une clinique privee a Rouiba.
Contract notice: Albrecht durer school in weiterstadt, benefits the planning stage for outdoor installations in accordance with 38 hoai, lph 2-3 (partially) + 5-9.
Badius was a significant figure in humanist circles in early sixteenth-century France, where he was active as a printer, editor, and author; Durer, of course, was one of the great masters of the Northern Renaissance.
A presente metodologia permite ao aluno tornar-se consciente dos desvios de atencao, e utilizar o perspectografo de Durer para aperfeicoar a coordenacao visual-motora como meio de precisao visual do registo.
Sana a, en effet, fait un lock-out qui devrait durer 2 mois.